Стойка за монитор за бюро ARCTIC X1-3D, Регулируема, 13″-49″, 15 кг, Черен


Стойка за Монитор
Тип стойка Подвижна
Мин. диагонал (инча) 13 inch
Макс.диагонал (инча) 49 inch
VESA Стандарт 100 x 100
VESA Стандарт 75 x 75
Тегло – стойка 3.0 kg
Макс.тегло (кг) 15 Kg
Въртене 360°
Вертикален наклон (градуси) 15 / 15°
Цвят Черен
Монтиране на Бюро

Опция за монтаж

Предлагаме опция за монтаж на територията на гр. София. За повече информация и заявка на монтаж моля свържете се на +359 887 064 722


Thanks to the approved gas lift technology, the monitor can be moved completely freely in all directions, even after installation. This makes it child’s play to pull the monitor up, move it away or completely realign the height, depth and tilt. The X1-3D turns the simplest screens into ergonomic wonders, and those who spend a lot of time in front of a screen will quickly appreciate this advantage: The optimal adjustment of your screens automatically promotes an ergonomic sitting posture. It doesn’t matter whether you work sitting or standing, the monitor arm allows you to optimally adjust it to your environment. Whether you use your desk as a workstation, battlestation or a mix of both. By keeping your ‘neutral reach zone’ free, the X1-3D provides more space around the monitors and allows you new ways to set up and optimise your workspace. With the X1-3D, tangled cables around monitors are a thing of the past. The cables can simply be carried and fixed inside the arm. They thus disappear from the visible area and support a tidy overall appearance. Thanks to the table clamp, the monitor arm can be placed freely and easily on the edge of the table. The arm is completely pre-assembled and is simply placed on the rod. Assembly or later repositioning is therefore child’s play and can be done quickly. The monitor arm supports ultrawide monitors with a screen diagonal of ≤ 49″, as well as 16:9 monitors with a diagonal of ≤ 43″. The monitor must have a VESA 75 or VESA 100 mount and must not exceed a total weight of 15 kg.

Наклон вертикала – +/-15
Наклон хоризонтала – 180
Завъртане – 360
VESA – 75/100
Максимално тегло на монитора – 15 кг за рамо
LCD размер – 13″ – 49″
Максимална дебелина на масата – 55мм